Mentor of the Month: April

imageWe love to recognize our Mentors at The Jonas Project. They really are our greatest resource. Our mentors work with our Veterans to help guide them, try to avoid mistakes, and keep them on track. This month, we want to recognize Brian Smalley for his work with Stryker Security.

Brian is a Veteran and entrepreneur himself, and loves his role as a Mentor. “It is great to work with these guys. You guys are the heroes for seeing this need and getting it established.”

“I love being able to participate,” says Brian. “I feel that supporting my fellow Veterans is an extension of my service and a continuing obligation. Too many people abdicate any responsibility that they have. We Veterans learned to accept and nurture responsibility, and I feel one of our greatest responsibilities is to each other. Personally this program allows me to continue to serve and help others and fills a very personal desire to see my fellow Veterans succeed.”

Brian feels his service to his brothers is the best part of being a mentor. When we asked him what he’d like to accomplish with The Jonas Project, he said “Come on full time as a mentor and a maven to grow the program and create a start up fund for Vets.”

“This program has been just wonderful for me and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks again to The Jonas Project.”

We think Brian just might be enjoying his time as a Mentor, and Stryker Security loves working with him too. Thanks for all you do for both The Jonas Project and for our VOBs Brian! That’s why we chose you as Mentor of the Month for April.

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