Brian spent 15 years in the United States Marine Corps, during which time he earned his degree in Business Administration from The Citadel, and his MBA from Gonzaga. He left as a Captain in the Infantry in 2006.

Since then, Brian has spent his time in the Rail industry doing sales at Trinity Rail for 5.5 years and then one year as an executive recruiter. He met his current business partner, Manny Tatavak during his time at Trinity Rail. He is now a co-founder and partner at eRail Commerce.

“Manny and I spent many years planning eRail Commerce.  The trials and tribulations would have been more navigable if we had guidance back then,” says Brian.

He is now deeply involved with industry organizations to stay at the forefront of innovation, including the Transportation Club of Houston, the Southwest Association of Rail Shippers, and ASLRRA Veterans Recruiting Committee.

“Veterans and small business are two of my passions. I believe that as Veterans, we gain great freedom and opportunity going our own route rather than being placed into a large corporate environment,” says Brian.

Brian lives in Houston, TX.