January 2015 Highlights

It is so difficult to believe that January has come and gone already.  We have been so busy with TJP happenings:

First of all we have a new staff member, Richard Chavarria, TJP’s Treasure Hunter.  Richard is keeping very busy helping us finance our VOB’s (Veteran Owned Businesses).  He is a retired military Chaplain who’s getting his feet wet in his new career.

Secondly,  David Hincapie, TJP’s Capacity Builder, is busy working with our 19 Veteran Owned Businesses and their Mentors.  He has been with us for 1 year now, and we hope to have him promoted to a new position within the next few months.  When it all happens we will be sure to let everyone know.

Third,  Come April/May we hope to have a redesigned website - pro-bono from our Story Teller and Visual Curator.  They also designed our annual report from 2014.  We are just making a few minor tweaks before it is published.

Fourth, we have our LiveHarder shirts for sale also designed by TJP’s Story Teller and Visual Graphics Designer (all pro-bono).  We love pro-bono work. 100% of the proceeds of the shirts helps to fund our VOBs.

Fifth, we have 21 VERY HARD WORKING Mentors, 58% of them are Veterans, but everyone is paying forward.  If you happen to know of someone who wants to become a Mentor, please direct them to our Mentor page.

Sixth, TJP has a new Board member, Ron Galonsky, CEO of Lakewood Regional Medical Center.  He’s another Veteran and our new Board Chairperson.

That about covers our January 2015 report, but please stay tuned for our February report and every month thereafter.

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