Wilkins Website Design & Hosting

Thomas Wilkins is a former United States Marine and a Licensed Realtor. He served from 1979-1982 and was honorably discharged as a Lance Corporal.

In 2007, Thomas sustained a major back injury and was unable to do much without being in severe pain. During his recovery from surgery, he made the decision that he would learn a new trade, “I was not going to be a burden on my family or society. I was going to learn how to work with the Internet to create some sort of online business.  After having spent thousands of dollars with web designers that took advantage of me by taking my money and not providing the product I paid for, I decided that I was going to change the way this business is done,” said Thomas.

While confined to his bed, he taught himself everything he needed to learn. And on January 1, 2014, he launched Wilkins Website Design and Hosting, dedicated to providing quality service to small business with Free Website Design and low cost hosting.  His company provides free website design with website templates. Templates are customized to fit any business quickly and easily, with hosting prices that are truly competitive.

“With the assistance being provided by the Jonas Project I will be able to advertise, hire employees and rocket this business to success,” says Thomas.

Thomas runs the business with his wife, Mary Ann, who holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, and is a Fellow Designate with the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Thomas and his wife live in Katy, Texas.