The things people say

It’s been a pleasure to entertain certain conversations throughout my time as an entrepreneur so far. As a former Marine, there is a particular stigma that I tend to break through, which surprises many people, as well as myself sometimes. But the combination between being a veteran and starting a business is sometimes too funny to keep to myself. So, here are a few things to laugh at along with me.

Man: Wait, you were a Marine?
Me: Yes I was.
Man: But you’re so polite.

Woman: So, do you have funding for your venture?
Me: No, I don’t.
Woman: Where did you get your capital?
Me: Me. I saved a lot of my money while I served.
Woman: …wait, you said you were a Marine right?

Man: Are you a self-publisher?
Me: No, I’m a group publisher. I help people put their books together and publish them.
Man: People still do that? Doesn’t everyone just publish on Amazon now?

Woman: So what are you reading right now?
Me: Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk.
Woman: That was a book?

Me: I’m starting a publishing company.
Woman: At this stage in the industry? Are you crazy? Wait…you were a Marine…that makes sense then.

Man: So what’s your end goal?
Me: To make it so people can write for a living.
Man: I think achieving world peace might be a little easier.

I’ve been at this a mere 4 months. I can only image what people will say to me over the next year.

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