Greg Call is the Founder and CEO of PatriotMove. Greg served 4 years in the United States Marine Corp as a Ground Intelligence Officer, deploying to Afghanistan and Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Prior to the Marine Corp, Greg earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a graduate degree in managerial accounting from Michigan State University. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Michigan.

Greg started with his idea for PatriotMove just one month after leaving active duty. He realized how difficult it was to move from base to base while in the military. He recognized an opportunity to make the process easier for families, military spouses and service members by customizing information to their needs and streamlining the process.

PatriotMove is a one-stop, online relocation resource that saves the military community time, money and stress by eliminating the uncertainty surrounding the relocation process. As a veteran owned and operated business, PatriotMove understands the frequent transitions of a military lifestyle and strives to meet the needs of service members and their families during this time.

Military service members need to focus on the critical mission of providing national security for this country. However, the transient lifestyle associated with a career in the military often redirects their attention away from training to the time-consuming relocation process. On average, 500,000 service members and their families conduct long-distance moves each year. Unlike the military, which is synonymous with structure and efficiency, the process of relocating in the military is actually very unstructured and left up to the service members to sort out for themselves. Governmental relocation support focuses on the physical move rather than home selection or the critical preliminary steps associated with long-distance relocation. This lack of support is significant because 70% of service members live in local communities outside of the bases that they work on. Without dependable guidance, military families make uniformed decisions that can have far-reaching, negative effects on their time, money and peace of mind.

PatriotMove guides service members and their families during relocation through a three-step process: Learn, Connect, Move.

1. Learn: how and where to move with research on local communities with help from content written by military spouses, checklists on what to do and when, and get to know some best practices on how to relocate from local industry experts.

2. Connect: with trusted networks of real estate professionals, property managers, apartment complexes, lenders, moving companies, storage facilities, and so on.

3. Move: to your new home with less stress, maximizing your new home based on your needs and income, saving time and money.