Brian as been involved in California real estate since 1995. In 2003, Brian established The Guiltinan Group as Chief Executive Officer.  The company quickly emerged amongst the top leaders in Southern California Real Estate and continues to stay ahead in a specialized market. Brian is committed to creating the ultimate Luxury Real Estate company in San Diego.  With over 20 years experience in San Diego’s luxury real estate market, Brian is responsible for some of the highest sales in San Diego County’s history including three closed residential transactions of over $20 million dollars.

Before finding The Jonas Project, Brian served as the Executive Vice President of the Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation. During his time there, he was deeply moved by the commitment and sacrifice of the men serving in the teams. “The physical demands of their service and missions are like nothing I had ever heard of. They truly are an elite force of our military,” says Brian.

“As with any American who serves our country to protect us and our families, I was humbled and overwhelmed to think about their sacrifice and service. I may not be able to join the military force, but I have an unshakable desire to do my part to support those who are supporting me and my family.”
Brian joins the Mentor team for The Jonas Project in the hopes that his experience can help a Veteran become successful.  “As a mentor, I will provide my leadership and expertise in the luxury real estate industry to help a mentee achieve their professional goals.”
Brian lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California.