Jim YoungbloodJim is a US Navy Veteran. He served from 1952-1955 as an Air Crewman on Grumman AF2W, Radar Search Operator and Navigator.

His career after service took him from technician, to sales and marketing, then product management and on to senior management positions. Eventually, he founded and managed Peripheral Equipment Corporation in 1996. PEC provides hardware systems for mobile and severe environment computing and networking applications. The company re-engineers and re-manufactures commercially available products with enhancements that allow transport and operation in ground mobile, airborne, shipboard, and other harsh environments.

In 2002, Jim decided to retire. But, in true entrepreneur fashion, he decided to act as a consultant helping to create an internet business, and then went on to found ShopandContribute, Inc., where he is a managing partner. ShopandContribute is an online funding company for non-profit charitable organizations.

Jim was introduced to The Jonas Project through his local theater group where he is an active member. His greatest desire is to “simply help Veterans” Jim says.

Jim currently lives in Laguna Woods, CA.